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  • १. Help the marriage of poor farmer and laborer's daughter through this initiative.

  • २. Assistance in the education of the daughter of poor farmers and laborers.

  • ३. Assistance for self-employment training and employment generation for widows and destitute women will be provided to at least a thousand people under the auspices of the scheme. Individuals who participate in this will receive exemption from tax under 3G and permanent guardianship. However you request that you cooperate with this plan.
  • We are launching a similar initiative while implementing many welfare society activities through the organization. We are maintaining this scheme with the help of educational employment and marriage assistance for girls of the Sharif farmers, destitute and farmer suicidal families in the society. You will be given permanent guardianship of the scheme by giving one thousand stipends to participate in the scheme, 5 people will be given the guardianship of the scheme, while the poor farmers of the area, Ziradhar Bhajur and the farmers from the suicidal families, will be helped.
  • पालकत्व घेण्यासाठी संपर्क

  • २. सचिव गणेश हराळे : ९५०३३७२४००

  • ३. सुनिल शेलार मॅनेजर कुर्मदास इंडस्ट्रीज : ९७३०६२८७३३

  • ४. गणेश कापरे गणराज स्टेज डेकोरेटर्स, कुू : ९८९५५५०३९५

  • ५. पांडूरंग घुगे : ९५२६४३८५

  • ६. तानाजी सुर्वे : ९४२१५२५४५५

  • ७. प्रविण साळूखे :७५८८२१५३०३

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